If you have a project or you are already in an activity with high potential, we provide you the possibility to turn an idea or a project into a business plan.

Every project must be made and presented for its evaluation, subsequently it must follow a process that we will describe hereunder.

Process of elaboration of investment projects of LATAM Business School

  • Apply as an entrepreneur: the first step to make and present a project consist of applying as an Entrepreneur completing the form that is located on right of this website.
  • Support from a consulter: once you are registered as an Entrepreneur, you can start the creation of your project accompanied by a consulter; an adviser of LATAM Business School that will guide you and assist you in the creation of your project until its presentation.
  • Evaluation of the project: once the creation of the project is finished, this one is presented to an evaluating committee conformed by specialists who will approve the project or will return it for its revision. If the project is accepted, the stage of the elaboration of the Business Plan will begin. If it is not accepted, the correction of the project will be needed based on the observations of the committee. This can imply the creation of the entrepreneur on specific subjects. For this, LATAM Business School has the enough infrastructure so that you get the knowledge needed.
  • Elaboration of the Business Plan: when the project is accepted by the evaluating committee, it starts the stage of elaboration of the Business Plan. This requires the participation of mentors specialized on different areas such as financial, accounting, legal, among others that will accompany and advise you on anything you need so that your Business Plan is completed and ready to accept investment funds. This process can last up to 6 months.
  • Evaluation of the Business Plan: just as with the creation of the project, the Business Plan must be evaluated and approved by a committee. Once it is approved, your proposal is ready to accept investment funds!
  • Investments: a Business Plan that is finished and accepted is in conditions to receive money to make it come true. For this we count with a group of associated investors that analyze different Business Plans and will fund those that they think to be more attractive. LATAM Business School has a crowfunding platform to present the projects.
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