The finished business plans once they are funded will be implemented by experts of LatAm Business School who want to increase the company to accomplish a positioning in a long/short term.


It is the stage when the described aspects materialize specially in the technical study, but supported in the organizational structure for the implementation and finalization of the project. To perform the execution is needed to develop a management that enables its completion and leave it ready for the initiation and implementation (beginning of procedures).

For the implementation, you must count with a plan that determines, in a detail and chronological way, how the activities will be developed to accomplish the established goals. For example, the legal and administrative procedures, the collecting of the finance and the execution of the project as it is.

  • Legalization of the company
  • Management for the finance
  • Schedule of the execution of the activities
  • Operative plan
  • Budget of the project
  • Execution and budgetary control