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Octavio Aguilar I begin to hear that some of my clients are already starting their planning processes for 2020 and this will be the case until early February. Well, my article this week is a proposal to companies, any organization and to each of us, as people.  Following one of the concepts of the wisdom of Hinduism I want to recommend that in order to start your 2020 planning process, start by "removing the changos that have hung" and let go of all that is left over to then allow them to flow much better ideas and by the end of the day they achieve more and better results in 2020. Being as light as possible for the trip, will make it more agile and fast towards the achievement of the objectives that we set ourselves in the face of the 20 We must get rid of everything that does not serve us before our planning process so that it itself , whether you start free of emotional, physical, and any kind of burdens. In personal terms it means reviewing our closets, closet or wardrobe and taking out everything we haven't worn in the last two years, if you push me a little in the last year, including the suit of our "first communion" or the sweater with which we gave the first kiss , type César Costa … how many pairs of shoes do you not have worn in months or worse even in years?, shirts of all kinds and for all the needs that we have not put on in a lot of time and that we invent and justify ourselves that we will use on some special occasion , at a costume party or at a very elegant or very informal event. Sportswear, pants that we already know we do not have left because they are size 30 X 34 and we are already with upside down measures 34 X 32 and no, we will not lose weight or size to have 30 or 4/6 waist again for women , like when we were 25. We have to be brave and attack the closet and free ourselves from everything that we don't use and that many people might need in this age, where there are thousands of people with great needs around us. And please don't try to do a business on the subject, just give away or donate the clothes you have left over, you're going to be surprised at the space you're going to free up and how good you're going to feel. And the same we must do with the freezer, the refrigerator, the pantry of our kitchen and the kitchen drawers and the dining room I assure you that you will find more than one expired product and many things that we will simply not use, ever. Tablecloths, carpets, napkins, cup holders and that sort of thing must come out, too. We must continue with the medicine cabinet and throw away all the medicines that have already expired, the few that are left over from syrups, alcohol, the little bit of "Micropore" and so on. Entering other areas of the house we will find with spotlights, cables, batteries, and even tools that we have never used and will never use. We all have enough suitcases, suitcases, bags, costume holders, necessities or equivalents, folders and all this line of products that we have abandoned in the cellar or in the highest part of the closet. LP's, CD's, cassettes, VHS, and other obsolete video and music playback formats, computer discs of all sizes, which we had saved in case they were ever offered… They haven't been needed and they won't be needed. We also have to release the books that we already read and that we will surely not read again, or those that we started reading and did not get hooked or were boring, but that we think look good in our house, or to fill our library, or that we can presume that we read Much or I don't know what act of vanity… I finish, the product of my last move, to give away more than 200 books of all the subjects that have been and for that and with it in the last ten years I have given away and donated more than 3000 books, which one day passed through my hands. And well, surely if you do a review in your drawers and cellars you will find a good amount of things that it doesn't make any sense to keep. Besides, they could remove ornaments that make their house look full, I'm not telling them to be minimalist, but I'm sure they'd have a few decorative items left over, but many. And I am very specific in these matters, so that we really free ourselves from all that we have left and travel much lighter. And well, this is just the material. Now we have to look at us and start from the external, how am I in health? Having a check up or at least full blood hematic biometrics to see how your levels are doing about twenty indicators, what do I need to do to feel and be better? How do I get weighed? How am I sleeping? And the most obvious of the physical: Dental cleaning and examination, eye examination and ear, etc. Past the outside, now if we go to our interior: What do I have to let go? Thoughts, ideas, paradigms, relationships, desires, "toxic", envy, controls, grudges, debts that have not paid us and debtors, unfinished conversations, things that "hurt me", let go of the demons that bind me, that do not let me be, that do not let me be more thrown and daring, the fears, and on the other hand, forgive myself, that I stop scolding and self-punishing me, that I stop judging me so harsh, I demand others to treat me as I want to be treated, to be more fluent with me and with others , choose what suits me, relax more, much more, give me more permissions, free me from what others say or think of me, be less right and be happier, work on my self-acceptance, remove stones from the road and use them to build roads and bridges , free up time to attend to mine, my affairs, to attend to me. And I did all of the above, so if I sit down and start with my personal planning in the different areas of my personal and professional interests. And I begin like this, light, quiet, liberated and with my calm spirit. And exactly the same applies to any organization or company. We need to make the planning processes more agile, more liberating and with less detail. In terms of an organization or company, we have to think as what they are, living things that have many atavismos and that you have to release them so that you can then lift anchors and adjust the sails to navigate as fast as possible… Feel the wind all over our bodies and with it the freedom that this entails. I guarantee that if you attend to these ideas and suggestions, you will see everything much more transparent and you will feel much better and your planning process 2020, will be much superior to many that you have done before and why not, be the best of your life… To hit him. Courses in company of this topic: Raquel Enríquez: re@latambschool.com

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